13 February 2011

Love Story From Stewardess

My best friend was crying as she hugged me tightly as she buried her head into my chest. I'm moved to tears while saying: "be heart patient hi... Esdine", wiped her tears with a tissue, please, do not dissolve in sadness continues .. We take the way out of trouble are you facing, I gave him encouragement. "

I and Esdine worked as a stewardess domestic flights. Because it is often met in the plane. then we are more intimate relations only. As a flight attendant, we provided services in ways that satisfy the passengers. Five years we are together experiencing the joys and sorrows of domestic flights. During that time, we know many pilots who often come with us. Esdine who has manicured eyebrows look very pretty. He have tall and made many people follow in love for her.
There is the pilots is name Wiyono. He was quiet, but very attention to Esdine. As people from Javanese always taught the polite manners, may be said Wiyono Esdine never hurt through words or attitudes. Wiyono often provide souvenirs for Esdine when he runs out flying his planing into different regions. With a caring attitude always from Wiyono, Esdine interested and fell in love too see her. One time during a flight to Ujung Pandang Management, the Garuda airlines chose as his pilot and Esdine Wiyono participate as stewardes. Their hearts blossomed because they can both be in one plane. At the time of the aircraft within 6,000 feet altitude and Esdine sdh finished doing demonstrations for passengers, Wiyono Esdine calling for him. Esdine with a graceful step toward Wiyono and asked: "What is Wi mas?" Sit down beside me, I want to say something closer to his mouth to ear to you.Wiyono Esdine and slow ask: "i love to Esdine", mas tuh hell does that mean? .. I Love Esdine.

Mas ah .. this is nonsense ..

Esdine smiled sweetly. Their eyes were both looked at each other and also holds Wiyono Esdine shoulder and kissed her forehead as a sign of love. Start a beautiful event on the aircraft, their love relationship more closely, and they intend to continue to the wedding. Okay there is nothing to separate them both.

23 January 2011

History of Business Beauty Car

For people with high school, driving a car clean, fragrant and well-maintained machinery and its body is a necessity. Cars for them not just a means of transportation, but also as a symbol of prestige and pride. They wanted to keep his car clean and shiny look. Therefore, to make the car look pretty, they do not object to pocket at least $ 500 thousand every time you visit the salon car garage.

Success story of a cleaning glass, starting from a man. Beauty salon owner and founder of the car HAS, indeed jelly capture business opportunities. In Jakarta is the location of choice for opening the business. Because the development of the capital so quite rapidly in grow number of his car, especially private car owners.

Since the young man born in Surabaya this hobby is caring for a car. "I am determined to open this business with zero capital, he said. Businesses are now producing hundreds of millions of dollars per year of service begins to clean the glass. In 1987, Has opened the first workshop, in the garage of his house in Kelapa Gading, East Jakarta. At that time, only aided by a handyman and car washing, and occupied a home garage with a capacity of only 2 cars. With the promise of frosted glass so the light Has set tariff of Rp 25 thousand per car. At first, he was pessimistic that the rate of it can lure consumers. "The cost of washing a car only when it is only Rp 3,000, 'he said. But, beyond allegations Has ,on the first day of operation,received a three-car garage .

22 January 2011

Notes From Air Hostest

Two days ago I wrote note from teacher, I am a flight attendant, because it joined the airline only a few years and do not have a memorable experience, every day just to serve passengers and doing a monotonous job. One day I met an elderly passenger.

Today we travel schedule is from Shanghai to Peking, Among the passengers I saw an old man from the village, embrace an old sack and clearly visible once his village style, in that moment I stood in the doorway of the plane to welcome passengers first impression of my mind is these days was already developed one of the villages already have the money to get on a plane.

When the plane was flying, we started serving drinks, going across the line to the 20, I look back on the old grandfather, he sat up straight and stiff place with a lap seat like a statue of an old sack.

We asked him to drink anything, with surprise he waved his hand to refuse, we want to help put an old sack over baggage seating is also rejected by him, then we let him sit quietly, before the distribution of food we see him sitting with a taut seat in place, we offer food as well rejected by him.

Finally the head flight attendant with a familiar asked him if he was sick, with little voice she mejawab that he was going to the toilet but he was afraid if the plane can move haphazardly, fearing damage to the goods inside the plane.

We explained to him that he may move as he pleased and told a flight attendant brought him to the toilet, while serving drinks at a second time, we saw he glanced at the passenger next to them and swallowed, with not ask us to put a glass of tea over the kitchen he is, it turns out movement our surprise, by surprise he said no, no, we say you are thirsty drink, at this moment spontaneously expelled from his pocket a handful of coins offered to us, we explained to her free drink, he does not believe, he said when he was in way to the airport, felt thirsty and asked for water to food vendors service alongside a road he did not even expelled. At that time we know to save the cost of travel from her village on foot to near the new airport by car, because the money that was taken very little, only to ask the seller drinking and food alongside a road and even then most of the rejected and regarded as a beggar.