13 February 2011

Love Story From Stewardess - Cabin Crew Unrevealed Story

Love Story From Stewardess

Love Story From Stewardess - Cabin Crew Unrevealed Story

My best friend was crying as she hugged me tightly as she buried her head into my chest. I'm moved to tears while saying: "be heart patient hi... Esdine", wiped her tears with a tissue, please, do not dissolve in sadness continues .. We take the way out of trouble are you facing, I gave him encouragement. "

I and Esdine worked as a stewardess domestic flights. Because it is often met in the plane. then we are more intimate relations only. As a flight attendant, we provided services in ways that satisfy the passengers. Five years we are together experiencing the joys and sorrows of domestic flights. During that time, we know many pilots who often come with us. Esdine who has manicured eyebrows look very pretty. He have tall and made many people follow in love for her.
There is the pilots is name Wiyono. He was quiet, but very attention to Esdine. As people from Javanese always taught the polite manners, may be said Wiyono Esdine never hurt through words or attitudes. Wiyono often provide souvenirs for Esdine when he runs out flying his planing into different regions. With a caring attitude always from Wiyono, Esdine interested and fell in love too see her. One time during a flight to Ujung Pandang Management, the Garuda airlines chose as his pilot and Esdine Wiyono participate as stewardes. Their hearts blossomed because they can both be in one plane. At the time of the aircraft within 6,000 feet altitude and Esdine sdh finished doing demonstrations for passengers, Wiyono Esdine calling for him. Esdine with a graceful step toward Wiyono and asked: "What is Wi mas?" Sit down beside me, I want to say something closer to his mouth to ear to you.Wiyono Esdine and slow ask: "i love to Esdine", mas tuh hell does that mean? .. I Love Esdine.

Cabin Crew Unrevealed Story

Mas ah .. this is nonsense ..

Esdine smiled sweetly. Their eyes were both looked at each other and also holds Wiyono Esdine shoulder and kissed her forehead as a sign of love. Start a beautiful event on the aircraft, their love relationship more closely, and they intend to continue to the wedding. Okay there is nothing to separate them both.

Two weeks before their wedding, Wiyono given the task of flying the plane to Timika. Nat day and even then came, his plane crash in the jungle get Timika. News accidents immediately accepted that the pilots involved were killed.

Hearing this news Esdine direct contact airline offices and the boyfriend come true Wiyono died. Loose tears wetting his cheeks. Esdine very grieved because of void marriage with Wiyono. By the time they both love flourish, death can terminate the relationship.

A few months after the incident, liver Esdine empty, no one can treat a sad heart. He does not know to whom she complained. At such moments a fellow pilot named Wiyono Fery came to him and persuaded him not to dissolve in grief. The pilot was able to comfort her and fill the void of his heart. She comforted and lulled by the promises encouraging. To eliminate the loneliness, Esdine often invited on vacation by Fery to cool places.

I was suspicious to see their compactness. I want to ban Esdine so as not to associate with him. Because I know the Fery these are men who are not responsible. He frequently affair with a stewardess, flight attendants have a husband. Sorry for this my friend, when he experienced pain in her heart again this Fery. My guess is correct, Esdine already two months pregnant. "I'm Pregnant Lisra by Fery.Dia only men associated with me but Fery not admit it. She said she received an anonymous letter, that baby in my belly is not the result of his actions, but another man. She ripped the letter before me without showing me. "Is it in his own handwriting?" my ask. I do not know, because he got angry and left immediately. I do not know where he is now, I'm confused about the future of my baby. Can you help me? "She cried as she hug to me. how if aborted it? I make a suggestion to solve the problem. "Lis, Thus Esdine wrenching story, but chose not to abort the fetus in her womb

Esdine experience is a mirror for single women to be careful so as not too easy to accept that immerses seduction, seduction.

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