22 January 2011

Notes From Air Hostest

Two days ago I wrote note from teacher, I am a flight attendant, because it joined the airline only a few years and do not have a memorable experience, every day just to serve passengers and doing a monotonous job. One day I met an elderly passenger.

Today we travel schedule is from Shanghai to Peking, Among the passengers I saw an old man from the village, embrace an old sack and clearly visible once his village style, in that moment I stood in the doorway of the plane to welcome passengers first impression of my mind is these days was already developed one of the villages already have the money to get on a plane.

When the plane was flying, we started serving drinks, going across the line to the 20, I look back on the old grandfather, he sat up straight and stiff place with a lap seat like a statue of an old sack.

We asked him to drink anything, with surprise he waved his hand to refuse, we want to help put an old sack over baggage seating is also rejected by him, then we let him sit quietly, before the distribution of food we see him sitting with a taut seat in place, we offer food as well rejected by him.

Finally the head flight attendant with a familiar asked him if he was sick, with little voice she mejawab that he was going to the toilet but he was afraid if the plane can move haphazardly, fearing damage to the goods inside the plane.

We explained to him that he may move as he pleased and told a flight attendant brought him to the toilet, while serving drinks at a second time, we saw he glanced at the passenger next to them and swallowed, with not ask us to put a glass of tea over the kitchen he is, it turns out movement our surprise, by surprise he said no, no, we say you are thirsty drink, at this moment spontaneously expelled from his pocket a handful of coins offered to us, we explained to her free drink, he does not believe, he said when he was in way to the airport, felt thirsty and asked for water to food vendors service alongside a road he did not even expelled. At that time we know to save the cost of travel from her village on foot to near the new airport by car, because the money that was taken very little, only to ask the seller drinking and food alongside a road and even then most of the rejected and regarded as a beggar.

After we persuaded him last he believed and sat calmly drinking a cup of tea, we offer food but rejected by him. He recounted that he had two sons who are very good, the eldest son had been working in the city and the youngest is studying at the three in Peking. elder son who works in the city to pick up his parents to live together in the city but both parents are not usually stay in this city finally moved back to the village, once these parents are going to visit his youngest son in Peking, his eldest child's parents could not bring it up car so far, so buy a plane ticket and offered to accompany his father together to Peking, but was rejected by him because it was considered too extravagant and very expensive plane ticket to go alone he insisted had to be approved finally by his son.

By embracing a sack full of sweet dried favored his youngest son, when passing through security checks dibandara, he was told to leave bags of luggage in place but he insisted on bringing his own, he said, if put in place will be destroyed baggage sweet and her son does not like to eat sweet potatoes that have been destroyed, finally We persuaded him to put the bag on the seat trunk, eventually she agreed she carefully put the sack.

As we continue to add in-flight drinks for him, he always responded with a sincere thank-you, but he still refused to eat, although we know he's actually been very hungry, as the plane about to land in a small voice he asked me if there is a small bag? and asked me to put food on the bag. He said that he had never seen food so good, he wanted to bring food to their children, we were all very shocked.

We think that every day saw the food was so ordinary in the eyes of a village becomes so valuable. With a hunger that food is set aside for the sake of her child, with emotion we collect the remaining food which we have not shared with passengers put in a bag that will be given to the grandfather, but he refused granting beyond our expectations, she just wants her part that has not eaten did not want that was not hers alone, a sincere act really made me touched and become a valuable lesson for me.

Actually we consider all this has passed, but who are suspected at the time all the passengers had got off the plane, which last he was in the plane. We helped him out of the door of the plane, before leaving him to do something that really I can not forget the rest of my life, that she knelt down and worship us, thanked him repeatedly, he said that we are all people who are best encountered We in the village only eat once a day and never drink the water that was so sweet and the food is so good, today you do not despise against me and serve me very well, I do not know how to thank you guys

May God repay you, to worship and cry he pronounces his words. We are all thrilled to carry and had someone who worked in the field to help members out of the airfield.

Over the past 5 years working as a flight attendant, multiple-range passenger I have encountered, many of the behavior, the fussy and others, but have never come across people who worship with us, we just run our job with the routine and no privileges for which we provide, only serve beverages and food, but the old man of 70 years until we say thank you to worship, while embracing an old sack containing dried sweet potatoes and set aside food for the hungry beloved child, and not willing to accept food that is not part of, the act was made I was deeply moved and become a very valuable experience for me in the future is not looking at the outward appearance but must still respect every person and appreciate what we can.

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